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Mercy UN Advocacy

Offered in alternating years with the DC Justice Immersion Program, the Mercy UN Advocacy program invites students of Mercy colleges and universities to examine a critical concern of the Sisters of Mercy with an emphasis on the global impact of this concern and with attention to its root causes. The program is developed and offered by Mercy Global Concern, an NGO of the Sisters of Mercy at the UN, and sponsored by the Conference for Mercy Higher Education.

Goals and Outcome

The goals of this advocacy experience are:

1.  To build capacity and skills for analysis and advocacy;

2.  To review the UN structure and function as one resource for action in the context of sustainable development;

3.  To create and advocacy plan focused on global Mercy justice initiatives.

The desired outcome is:  Rooted in our Mercy tradition and values, students will develop skills in analysis and advocacy for application to a variety of venues, with a view to promoting a just, sustainable and equitable world for peoples and the planet.


This 2½-day program takes place at the Church Center for the United Nations and at the UN itself, wherever observers are allowed according to the UN protocols for events.

The Mercy UN Advocacy Program for 2015 may be found here.

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