A ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

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15 full members and 2 associate members

Readings on the Catholic, Mercy ethos of our institutions

Programs focused on mission development, advocacy, and accountability

Institutional press releases related to identity and mission


•     Continue efforts to convene presidents, other senior leaders and local board officers on a biennial basis to discuss topics related to Catholic identity, Mercy mission, and the governance of Mercy colleges and universities.

•     Develop regional programs and other content-specific offerings via webinars and other delivery methods to continue the work of Mercy mission formation on the local level in alternating years with national meeting offerings.

•     Work in concert with the Presidents Council to facilitate and support the annual meetings of cohort groups—the Mercy mission officers and the Mercy chief academic officers, as well as other cohorts as identified by the Presidents Council.

•     Involve the local Board Chairs in strategic discussions on sponsorship via CMHE.

•     Develop a program for mid-level managers aspiring to senior leadership positions in Mercy higher education, with a particular focus on women who wish to lead.

•     Offer an annual “retreat” for those desirous of connecting with the larger Mercy network and learning more about the Mercy mission in higher education;

•     Enhance communication at all levels: Sisters of Mercy, CMHE Board, Presidents Council, and local boards, as well as national higher education associations.