A ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

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15 full members and 2 associate members

Readings on the Catholic, Mercy ethos of our institutions

Programs focused on mission development, advocacy, and accountability

Institutional press releases related to identity and mission

Priority Issues

Given the above needs assessment and the multiple conversations that have taken place over the past nine months, the CMHE Board identifies the following as planning priority issues:

•     Advocate—decide how to face the world, what impact can be made because of who Mercy higher education is, in concert with the Institute Leadership and the Presidents Council; clarify organizational documents, structures, processes, roles, policies to reflect the current reality in which the CMHE Board now holds the full delegate powers of the sponsors, and ascertain the understanding of each president and respective board with respect to the reserved powers and the sponsor-relationship.

•     Animate — develop and enhance programs that promote an understating of the Mercy mission, particularly with respect to the formation of presidents, senior leaders, and trustees; identify a development model for CMHE that will ensure its future, including fund development and the continued advancement of the Mercy mission; develop and enhance programs and other key initiatives that foster the Mercy mission on campuses.

•     Invite – with the endorsement of the Presidents Council, continue the development of and support for affinity groups to reinforce the Mercy mission; extend an invitation to all who wish to learn more about the Mercy mission in higher education and offer programs and presentations on an annual basis and as need is determined; develop and strengthen well-qualified candidates, particularly women who wish to advance as leaders in Mercy higher education; seek to communicate at all levels and across all interest groups and constituencies with the Conference.