A ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

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15 full members and 2 associate members

Readings on the Catholic, Mercy ethos of our institutions

Programs focused on mission development, advocacy, and accountability

Institutional press releases related to identity and mission


•     Continue mission formation programs that convene presidents, senior leaders and local board members on a biennial basis to discuss topics related to Catholic identity, Mercy mission and the governance of Mercy colleges and universities.

•     Deploy the educational resources of the Institute Justice Team to offer programs on Mercy campuses, particularly programs focusing on the critical concerns of the Sisters of Mercy and the application of these concerns to higher education.

• Continue the mentorship of more seasoned presidents with newer colleagues on the Presidents Council.

•     develop a website that “tells the story” of Mercy higher education; make these stories prominent and easily accessed;

•     incorporate elements of the website into documents and reports, both at the CMHE and institutional-levels;

•     develop a presence on social media and link quarterly newsletters and other documents to this presence.

•     Identify new sources of revenue and funding.

•     expand office personnel to include a quarter-time position in development.

•     Extend the orientation session for new presidents into two semesters;

•     begin with a meeting in Silver Spring, MD to acquaint the Presidents with the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas.

•     follow up in the second semester to reinforce key sponsorship points, and address any ambiguities.

• Reinstate the Catherine McAuley and Frances Ward medals for distinguished leadership and outstanding programs in support of the Mercy mission, respectively.

•     Create a development model for CMHE that will ensure its future, including fund development and the continued advancement of the Mercy Mission.