A ministry of the Sisters of Mercy of the Americas

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15 full members and 2 associate members

Readings on the Catholic, Mercy ethos of our institutions

Programs focused on mission development, advocacy, and accountability

Institutional press releases related to identity and mission


•     Use the results of the decennial Mercy Mission Accountability Self-Study and Peer Review processes to identify key elements of the Catholic, Mercy mission for the institutions sponsored by the Sisters of Mercy.

•     Clarify and educate concerning the role of sponsorship and the authority of the ecclesial public juridic person—both at the presidential, senior management, and local board levels:

• incorporate specific and in-depth discussion on sponsorship within the orientation sessions of each new president; hold initial sessions at the Institute headquarters;

• develop a unit on sponsorship to be used in the orientations of local board members.

•     Identify all parts within the structure of CMHE and make explicit the roles that each part plays.

•     Address the two-tier relationships within the affiliations of the member institutions to the Sisters of Mercy; where possible, simplify and aim for collegial relationships.

•     Clarify the financial accountabilities of institutions with the CMHE Board.

•     Encourage continuous communication of information at all levels—horizontally, vertically, intra- and inter-Conference.

•     Conduct five-year follow-up reviews to the decennial studies, as resources (both human and financial) permit.