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Maria College

700 New Scotland Avenue

Albany, NY 12208

518.438.3111 Phone

518.438.7177 Fax

Interim President

Dr. Thomas J. Gamble

The mission at Maria College is to instill in our graduates a respect for the dignity of each person and the ability to transform learned skills into caring service, which is rooted in the Judeo-Christian tradition and the ideals of the Sisters of Mercy, who founded and sponsor the College. Maria College provides educational programs with high academic standards, convenient scheduling and formats for students who benefit from small classes and a warm, encouraging environment.

As a Catholic college, the primary focus is on developing each individual – providing them with the opportunities for growth that will enable them to make meaningful contributions to society.  The values of Compassion, Service, Respect, Scholarship, Community and Integrity are integrated into our culture and become part of the student experience at Maria College.